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Altafiber Internet Packages: Finding the Right Plan for Your Needs


Meta Title: What ALtafiber Plan is Best for Me?

Meta Description: Here are some of the internet plans Altafiber offers, their prices, and the benefits of having an Altafiber internet connection.

Table of Contents:

·        Altafiber Internet Plans and Pricing

1.      Fioptics 400 Mbps Internet

2.      Fioptics 800 Mbps Internet

3.      Fioptics 1 Gig Internet

4.      Fioptics 2 Gig Internet

·        Benefits of Getting Altafiber Internet

1.      Price Locks

2.      Free Internet for the First Month

3.      Complete Home Wi-Fi Coverage

·        Final Thoughts



Internet connectivity is no longer a luxury, but more of a necessity in today’s world. From work to education to entertainment to social media and news, everything requires an internet connection. There are many different internet service providers to choose from these days. One of the most popular names you may have heard is Altafiber Internet.



Altafiber uses a fiber optic network to deliver internet service, which is much faster and more reliable than traditional DSL and cable internet connections. In this article, let’s take a look at Altafiber’s internet plans, pricing, and benefits in detail.



Altafiber Internet Plans and Pricing

Altafiber offers 4 different internet plans with varying prices and internet speeds. Take a look at them here:



Fioptics 400 Mbps Internet


Internet Speed



400 Mbps


Data Limit





Max No. of Devices








$39.99 per month




The Fioptics 400 Mbps [TMU1] Internet plan stands as Altafiber’s most budget-friendly offering. If you’re in search of an economical internet connection for yourself or a small family of two or three people, this package serves as an excellent choice. It’s tailored for activities like social media usage, web browsing, and light internet usage.



Fioptics 800 Mbps Internet


Internet Speed



800 Mbps


Data Limit





Max No. of Devices








$49.99 per month




For larger families with multiple users, the Fioptics 800 Mbps [TMU2] package may be a more suitable option. With increased device connectivity and faster download speeds, you can enjoy uninterrupted internet usage even when multiple devices are connected simultaneously.



However, this package is still suitable for light internet activities, like low-quality streaming, social media usage, and more.



Fioptics 1 Gig Internet


Internet Speed



1 Gbps


Data Limit





Max No. of Devices








$59.99 per month




If you need a fast internet connection for remote work, online learning, or any other professional tasks, the Fioptics 1 Gig [TMU3] package is the perfect choice. Offering download speeds of 1 Gbps and upload speeds of 500 Mbps, you can easily handle tasks like document downloads/uploads, sending and receiving emails, attending video meetings, and other work-related responsibilities.



Fioptics 2 Gig Internet


Internet Speed



2 Gbps


Data Limit





Max No. of Devices



No Restriction





$79.99 per month




If you need an internet connection that can support gaming, streaming, and professional commitments at the same time, the Fioptics 2 Gig [TMU4] package stands as the ultimate option. Offering lightning-fast download speeds of up to 2 Gbps and upload speeds of 1 Gbps, you can enjoy lag-free gaming, buffer-free 8K HD video streaming, or any other internet activity you desire.



Benefits of Getting Altafiber Internet

There are a variety of benefits of getting Altafiber’s internet. Take a look at some of them here:



Price Locks

Altafiber offers a price lock for its internet packages. This means that despite any changes in the pricing of internet plans, you’ll continue to pay the same amount you agreed initially when signing the contract.



Altafiber offers a price lock for Fioptics 400 Mbps and Fioptics 800 Mbps with a 2-year contract, while a 3-year contract offers a price lock for Fioptics 1 Gig and Fioptics 2 Gig internet packages.



Free Internet for the First Month

Altafiber provides the first month of internet service at no cost with each of its internet packages. Therefore, your contract will start from the second month onwards.



Complete Home Wi-Fi Coverage

Utilizing Altafiber’s Truemesh system, you can guarantee thorough wireless internet coverage throughout your entire house, enabling you to access the internet from any location within your home.



In many cases, standard Wi-Fi routers struggle to transmit signals to different floors in large houses. Nonetheless, Altafiber’s TrueMesh technology evenly distributes Wi-Fi signals throughout your residence and optimizes traffic routing to ensure you enjoy the highest internet speeds in every area.



Final Thoughts

Altafiber is one of the best internet service providers in the United States. The company offers a variety of internet packages that cater to everyone’s needs. If you need more details, you can reach out to its customer service team via phone or social media today!

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