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Are Free Picks Any Better than Paid Sports Picks


If you are betting on sports in the U.S. you have found that you need two things:

1. Reliable place to bet the sports

2. Betting selections (picks)

For many people, they play their own picks based on what they see every day. But they soon quickly learn that they may not be able to win bet consistently. There is a ton of information on each game and every single player. That’s where professional handicappers come in. These are people who spend hours every day studying the angles and issuing their picks against the spread so that their followers win more games than they lose. They often give out free football picks as well as premium picks, usually hidden behind a paywall. So, is there a difference in quality to these picks? The short answer is YES.

The free picks may be a lower rated play that they like but they don’t like it enough to give it out as a paid play. Or, it may be one of their premium picks. But, you are usually only getting one pick whereas they may have three or four for the day.

What to Do

If you see a sports service (sports handicapper) that you like, follow him for  a few days. Read his blog and monitor his free picks, if he gives them. If you like what you are seeing, guy a week of his service and give his picks a try. Some people like to mix the professional handicapper plays in with their own selections. This is fine.

At the end of the day you want to do whatever it takes to ensure that you win more than you lose. Whatever means you use to achieve this end is good.

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