Home Gaming Indonesian Mythology Themed Online Slot has an RTP of 96.50% 

Indonesian Mythology Themed Online Slot has an RTP of 96.50% 


At the end of 2022, Pragmatic Play will release another game that will make slotters feel a sweet victory at the end of this year. The Gates of Gatot Kaca online slot has the same similarity as the Gates of Olympus, but what attracts Asian slot players is the appearance of an Indonesian mythological hero. It cannot be denied that many people have won in games like the Gates of Olympus and others, but it can be said that over time, we can die on the screen and the music that we see and hear often.


Therefore, the presence of the Gates of Gatot Kaca at the famous TJ site gives fans of space or a new atmosphere, especially those who like space games like Gates of Olympus and Starlight Princess. Gatot Kaca Gate: An online slot game that is getting the attention of Slotermania

By sporting a typical Indonesian look that chooses bright colors, this game really feels like it has a touch of typical Indonesian legends, starting with the costumes and also the temple pillars that make up the background of this game .


The great potential of Maxwin and its high RTP

If we talk about the High RTP in the Gates of Gatot Kaca game, there is no reason to doubt because this game has a high RTP, that is 96.5%. With a high standard like this, of course, this slot game can be considered very good and above average compared to other online games.


Of course, automatically the maxwin you will get will be right in front of your eyes due to the high RTP level and the game system that is easy to understand for both beginners and slot players who play for a long time time. Exciting spread and sign of abundance at the entrance of Gatot Kaca

The bonus round given in this game can be considered the same as other types of slot games that use the idea of ​​tumbling features. In the gate of the Gatot Kaca game, you will find a sign that represents the Gatot Kaca logo. You can win a lot of big opportunities that really have a lot of value during the free spins, where we expect big multiplications of the Crystal symbol with 4 colors like green, blue , yellow and red.


At the beginning of the game you can get a minimum multiplication line of blue and green crystal lines to collect the multiplication value that increases as the number of lines is broken and the multiplication of the decrease for the bonus round will continue to increase every turn. . If you are lucky, when you get 3 Gatot Kaca symbols in the bonus round, your number of spins will increase by 5 spins, allowing you to double your winnings well and truly, Your ability to get maxwin will be equal. you are my.


The closure of the gate Gatot Kaca space

The game Gates of Gatot Kaca offers a great opportunity and of course you need to play it to get a big win and have a maxwin profit because this game is a game that has recently received attention from slot machines. The simple game style is not difficult to beat. The increasing features that can be obtained during the regular spins make this game interesting to play. In fact, the trusted online gambling site TJ will provide you with facilities and privileges, our loyal team, in the form of gacor times and game systems, as well as betting profit tips to you play this game.


Sign up directly only on the famous and official TJ website and win big Maxwin at the end of this year. Thanks JP!!


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